joan ganz cooney

This summer, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center did a survey about parents habits in sharing e-books with children.  Their focus was specifically on families who had iPads, since that has emerged as the dominant device for books for children.  The entire study is worth a read, but here are some facts pulled from it:

  • Of parents who own an iPad, 72.5% of them have read e-books with their children.
  • Parents who did not share books on their iPad had a much stronger preference for print books.
  • 89.9% of parents who share e-books with their children reported that they read mostly print books.  Only 7.5% said they read the same amount of print and e-books with their children and 2.7% said they exclusively read e-books together.

I think that children’s books will prove a tough nut to crack for publishers.  Do you make the books interactive?  Is a book filled with videos and things to click on still a book in parents’ eyes?  Or do you convert over just the format of the print volume?  Aren’t opportunities being lost there? 

How do you feel about e-books and small children?  Are you a parent who shares e-books or not?