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Bunches of Board Books

I’ve gathered a bunch of board books that are new favorites:

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light by Yumi Heo

Ideal for the little one riding in a carseat behind you, this board book has traffic lights, stop signs, fire engines and anything else that little ones like about riding in the car. Lift the thick large flaps to see what the signs mean. The large bright pictures are inviting and there are plenty of opportunities to make noises and talk about driving in a car. This board book has sturdy enough flaps to survive public library life too.



Seasons Board Book Series by Ailie Busby

Coming out in October, this board book series has a lovely warmth about it, even in winter. Each book begins by talking about what clues you have when each season begins. There is later sun in the winter, early sun in the summer, leaves falling in the autumn, birds singing in the spring. Then in each season the children head outside and experience the weather and the season. The text is rhythmic and inviting. Expect to jump in crunchy leaves this fall after reading it with your little one.



What’s That Noise? Series by Cocoretto

Another collection that is coming out in October, this collection mixes the jolly ruckus of lots of sounds with lifting the flaps and a guessing game. Each one begins with a noise, sometimes with a visual clue too of what is making that noise. Lift the flap after taking a guess. The books are in different themes of vehicles, animals, toys and instruments. These flaps are large and sturdy enough for little hands even in a public library.

Trio of Playful Board Books

The Game of Tops and Tails

The Game of Tops and Tails by Hervé Tullet

Play a mix and match game of tops and bottoms as you mix up colors, shapes and objects. Done in split pages that let you mix up the page, the ones that match have the same color scheme, but the fun is in have acrobats on mountain ranges while the shape side gets wilder. Great fun for toddlers to proudly create silly images.


Look! by Édouard Manceau

Open this big board book and peer through the rectangle cut into the pages. Can you find something in view that matches what is on the page? Is there something high and low? Are there different sized things? How about near and far? The book gets more inventive as you move through it, with a velcro page that invites you to look for things that make noise, a shiny page, and even one that is soft to the touch. Expect to see kids peering out of this book and having a wonderful time.


Peekaboo by Giuliano Ferri

A traditional game of peekaboo is afoot in this book as young readers turn from one page to the next and find different animals covering their eyes with wings and paws. Parents can uncover the eyes by lifting the flaps. This is sure to delight those toddlers who love the game. Expect giggles when they discover the mirror at the end too.

Board Books by the Bunch

hop hop bunny on my beach

Hop, Hop Bunny by Lynn Seresin

On My Beach by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich

Two charmers from Chronicle Books have playful elements. The bunny book has a rabbit element on a string that hops through various holes in the pages and explores his environment. Introducing colors along with this interactive piece makes for a book that will keep the wiggliest toddlers interested. The crab book has a finger puppet at its center, and offers information on the life and habitat of a little crab. With limited text, the book moves quickly and the toy at its center adds to the appeal. Both books are parts of larger series.

i am the wolf and here i come

I Am the Wolf…and Here I Come! by Benedicte Guettier

The wolf puts on his clothes piece by piece, from his underwear all the way to a big coat. Toddlers will enjoy the steady progression of the clothes being added and will delight in the final page and its sudden change of tone! This is a great pick to read aloud to a small group of children and wait for the delighted squeals at the end.


Rhymoceros by Janik Coat

Following her Hippopposites, this new board book introduces a new character, a blue rhino. He shows pairs of rhyming words visually. His situation changes over and over again, coloring him different colors, raining on him, making him inky, blurry and furry. With humor and tactile elements, this board book will be popular with parents and toddlers alike.

Review: Wild! Board Books

wild bathtime wild bedtime

wild mealtime wild playtime

Wild! Bathtime by Courtney Dicmas

Wild! Bedtime by Courtney Dicmas

Wild! Mealtime by Courtney Dicmas

Wild! Playtime by Courtney Dicmas

Romping animal babies and zany humor combine to make this series a great pick for toddlers and infants.

Bathtime shows all sorts of different animals taking baths, cleaning faces and other parts of the body. The humor comes at the end with a mother pig looking dejectedly at her sleeping piglets who are all clean while she is dirty.

Bedtime invites everyone to curl up to sleep but some of the little animals are not quite ready yet. Grabbing your teddy has a different meaning here as does turning out the light. Clever little touches make this one that you will read again and again.

Mealtime has animals acting very much like toddlers. They want more to eat, eat too quickly, and even try to hide their peas. Once again clever matching of animals to phrases makes for fun reading.

Playtime is the ultimate romp of a book, showing lots of wrestling and movement. And the parents are all in for the fun, mostly.

This series will be appreciated by children who love animals and also little ones who may need an excuse to slow down and read a bit. Appropriate for ages 1-3.

Reviewed from copies received from Child’s Play.

Review: Whatever the Weather Board Books

rain snow

sun wind

Rain by Carol Thompson

Snow by Carol Thompson

Sun by Carol Thompson

Wind by Carol Thompson

Four lovely little board books in this set by Thompson. Told very simply but with plenty of energy, these books look at different kinds of weather and children out playing in it. Rain begins with a bit of hesitation but ends with the merry fun of jumping into puddles. Snow invites children to breathe out clouds and plunk right down in the snow. Sun has clothes coming off and playing in a pool together. Wind roars from page to page but then in the end is gentle too.

Introduce toddlers to different kinds of weather and different seasons, but even more importantly get them outside to experience it themselves too!  Appropriate for ages 1-2.

Reviewed from copies received from Child’s Play.

Review: Tickly Toes by Susan Hood

tickly toes

Tickly Toes by Susan Hood, illustrated by Stephane Barroux

This playful board book looks at infants’ interest in their own toes, whether it is when they are being tickled by someone else, or when they see them in the bubbly bath water.  Written as if a parent is addressing the baby directly, this book will read aloud well to the smallest of listeners.  With illustrations that invite counting, this book is also an invitation to count baby’s own toes right now.

Hood avoids being too sing-songy in her rhyme, instead keeping it jaunty.  Even when baby pulls of his booties and flings them away, the tone remains entirely positive and encouraging as baby finds his feet all on his own.  The illustrations by Barroux are bright and large.  They show the ten toes on many pages as well as a loving family environment around him.

Get your toes wiggling with this bright and bouncy board book.  Appropriate for ages birth to 2.

Reviewed from digital galley received from Kids Can Press and NetGalley.

Bunches of Board Books

I’ve got some great new board books perfect for little hands to explore and even little gums to gnaw on.


Countablock by Christopher Franceschelli, art by Peskimo

The author of Alphablock returns with a counting book this time.  With thick board pages that are die cut into the shapes of the numbers, the book gives each number two pages where first you are given a number of objects and then what those objects become.  So three boxes become three forts and eight bananas become eight banana peels with the help of some monkeys.  After number ten, the book starts to count by tens and eventually reaches 100.

be patient pandora  play nice hercules 

Mini Myths: Be Patient, Pandora! by Joan Holub and Leslie Patricelli

Mini Myths: Play Nice, Hercules! by Joan Holub and Leslie Patricelli

These two first books in the new Mini Myths series are a cheerful mix of mythology and toddlerhood.  Pandora explores the temptation of a wrapped present and how hard it can be to wait to open it.  Pandora is told to leave the present alone, but just can’t seem to stop herself from touching it, leaning on it, and accidentally opening it.  Hercules is told to play nice with his little sister, but Hercules is much more interested in knocking things down than being nice.  In the end of both books, the myth becomes more about manners and how to be with others. 

All reviewed from copies received from Abrams Appleseed.