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Floors – The Movie


According to Deadline, Patrick Carman has sold the film rights to his book Floors to Walt Disney Pictures.  Jason Filardi will write the script while Carman will serve as an executive producer. 

Mockingjay Trailer

Here is the first full trailer for Mockingjay:

Neil Gaiman’s New Movie Deal

Hansel and Gretel (A Toon Graphic)

Variety has the news that Neil Gaiman’s new book which hasn’t even been released yet has already sold the film rights.  Hansel and Gretel is being developed into a live-action movie by Juliet Blake.  The book itself is released in October.

“For me, retelling Hansel and Gretel was a way of telling an old tale in a way that made it immediate and true, and about us, now,” Gaiman said. “It reminds us of how paper thin civilization really is. It’s about hunger, and about families.”

A Monster Calls – The Movie

A Monster Calls

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest on the casting of the film version of Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls.   Sigourney Weaver has now joined that cast that also includes Felicity Jones and Liam Neeson. Weaver will be playing the grandmother, Jones the mother and wonderfully, Neeson will be the monster.   Juan Antonio Bayona will be directing the Focus Features film. 

It’s an incredible read, so I hope they do it proud and keep the truly frightening aspects of the book without making the child character older.

A Wrinkle in Time (Time, #1)

The writer of Disney’s hit movie Frozen has signed on to pen the screenplay of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic science fiction book A Wrinkle in Time.  At this time, there is no director assigned to the project, though it does have producers.

It will be very interesting to see what Disney does with A Wrinkle in Time.  Here’s hoping that it keeps its scientific, questioning wonder without going all soppy on us.

Here is the official teaser trailer for Mockingjay.  Love the change in feel that matches the third book.

Mockingjay Trailer – Part 2

The second half of President Snow’s Panem Address is now available.

Thanks to GalleyCat for the link!

Mockingbird Trailer

President Snow’s Panem Address:

Paddington – The Movie Trailer

Here’s the first full-length trailer for the new movie version of Paddington.  I must admit as a Downton Abbey fan, I’m so happy to see Hugh Bonneville in this.  Yet it seems to have a very different vibe than the books by Michael Bond.  I think I have to see more before I make a decision about it:

So what do you think?

The Giver – Trailer #2

Hurrah for black and white!


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