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"I am a product of endless books" -- C.S. Lewis


10 Questions With…Illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi | ALL THE WRITE NOTES #kidlit

BEA 2014: Diversity in Children’s Publishing #kidlit

BEA Buzz: Five graphic novels to look forward to this year — Good Comics for Kids #kidlit

Cameron McAllister’s top 10 amazing machines in children’s books | Children’s books #kidlit

Harry Potter And The Forbidden Books : NPR #kidlit

Here’s What Would Happen If Your Favorite Childhood Books Were Written Today #kidlit #humor

Judy Blume: Parents worry too much about what children read – Telegraph #kidslit #reading

Librarian Preview: Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group (Fall 2014) — @fuseeight A Fuse #8 Production #kidlit

Predictions! 2014 NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books — @100scopenotes 100 Scope Notes #kidlit

RAISING A READER Organization Offers Tips for Getting Children to Read During Summer Vacation – BWWBooksWorld

Robert Sabuda’s top 10 pop-up books | Children’s books #kidlit

Welcome, Little One | Great Books about Babies | School Library Journal #kidlit

Writing advice from Roald Dahl | Simon Read #writing #authors #kidlit


5 Ways Libraries Cultivate Community Art| Erinn Batykefer | #libraries

Check Out the Internet: Libraries Lending Internet Access #libraries

How your library can get a gig – District Dispatch #libraries

Libraries see light after years of cuts #libraries


TechFiat – Decentralized Economics • Today is the day we Reset the Net #privacy

For every book I read, 10 more are added to my to-read list.


I Say Awkward Things To Authors: BEA 2014 Edition | BOOK RIOT #bea – I thought I was the only one who did this!

The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit The Earth : Monkey See : NPR #yalit

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:



12 Quotes From Roald Dahl for Book Lovers #kidlit #writing

15 Spanish-English children’s books to help your child embrace diversity #kidlit

Creep around Graveyards, Search for Spies | Summer Reading for Grades 4-8 | School Library Journal #kidlit

Delightful Difference: ‘This Is a Moose’ and ‘Froodle’ – NYT #kidlit

Diversity in Children’s Lit: Mediocrity Matters as Much as Masterpieces – The Atlantic #kidlit #diversity

Henry Winkler: I didn’t read a book myself until I was 31 years old | Children’s books #reading

How to Get Kids Hooked on Nonfiction Books This Summer | MindShift #kidlit #nonfiction #reading

Kate DiCamillo’s Picks For Summer Treehouse Reading : NPR #kidlit

Number Five Bus presents… | potentially interesting interactions with fellow book people #kidlit

“Of course she’s pretty!”: What happens when kids only see white people in books #kidlit



How Do You Library? – #libraries #howilibrary


Amazon speaks out on Hachette dispute: “We are not optimistic that this will be resolved soon” — GigaOM

#emerson  Spread by and stores supporting #fairtrade.


Authors Talk ‘Two Boys Kissing’ LIVE #yalit

Author Mitali Perkins: 3 YA Novels To Help Us Remember Our Nigerian Girls #yalit

Patrick Ness’s top 10 ‘unsuitable’ books for teenagers | Children’s books #yalit

Top 10 books to read now you’ve finished The Fault in Our Stars | Children’s books #yalit

When Holden Met Katniss: The 40 Best YA Novels | Rolling Stone #yalit

Who decides what I get to read? | Children’s books #yalit

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:


37 Children’s Books That Changed Your Life #kidlit

CCBlogC: Watch the 2014 Arbuthnot Lecture #kidlit

Damian Dibben’s top 10 time travel books | Guardian- Children’s books #kidlit

Diversity in Children’s Books: Moving From Outcry to Real, Market-Driven Solutions| Kyle Zimmer | #kidlit

Elmer – celebrating difference for 25 years – in pictures | Children’s books #kidlit

Funny business – The Horn Book #kidlit #humor

If You Want To Teach Kids History, Try Grossing Them Out First : NPR #kidlit

Sassy siblings – The Horn Book #kidlit


OverDrive & Smashwords Announce Distribution Deal; 200,000 Titles by 80,000 Authors Now Available | LJ INFOdocket

Cambridge Public Library  449 Broadway, Cambridge MA


Brewster Kahle, the Librarian of 404 Billion Websites | Motherboard #libraries

The New York Public Library Comes Around : The New Yorker #libraries

This library is anything but quiet : - #libraries

What’s Really Wrong With Google?| Nancy K. Humphreys | #libraries #google

Why buy when you can borrow instead? – Chicago Tribune #libraries

Why Libraries Matter – a day in the life of New York Public Library – The Atlantic #libraries

Why the death of net neutrality would be a disaster for libraries #netneutrality #libraries


UK launches large-scale study into mobile risk to kids (Wired UK) #technology #mobile #children

Who Has Your Back 2014: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests | Electronic Frontier Foundation #privacy


30 Diverse YA Titles To Get On Your Radar | BOOK RIOT #yalit

Bummer summer – The Horn Book #yalit

Feminist Young Adult Novels That You Must Read – Flavorwire #yalit

The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare interview – video | Children’s books #yalit

Reading over the Rainbow | Children’s books #yalit #libraries #lgbtq

Terrible Trivium – On ‘The John Green Effect,’ Contemporary Realism, and Form as a Political Act #yalit #diversity

TLT: Teen Librarian’s Toolbox: Dear Media, Let me help you write that article on YA literature #yalit

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

Thomas Jefferson


A BBQ Book That You Can LITERALLY Barbecue With «TwistedSifter

The reason every book about Africa has the same cover—and it’s not pretty – Quartz

Why Books Stink: A GIF Response | BOOK RIOT

Wonderful books for a day at the beach or lake!


An Expanded Cultural Diversity Booklist: SLJ Readers Respond | School Library Journal

Fifty Great Books to Read With Kids

Jen Robinson’s Book Page: Announcing the 8th Annual Kidlitosphere Conference!

Top Ten Books to Get Kids Moving by Annie Orsini and Kendra Limback | Nerdy Book Club

What Are Kids Reading in School? See the Most-Read Books in Each Grade – US News

Women in STEM – The Horn Book


Much at Stake in Amazon-HBG Fight


Chicago public library offers robot rentals | Northwest Herald

College libraries should keep their books in the stacks.

Missoula Public Library opens new bike station

“Stack attack”? The NYPL controversy and the future of public libraries | Pew Internet Libraries


John Green and his Nerdfighters Are Upending the Summer Blockbuster Model

Stacked: Get Genrefied: Historical Fantasy

What are the best LGBT books for children, teenagers and YAs? | Children’s books

YA books on death: is young adult fiction becoming too dark? | Children’s books

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

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12 Irrefutable, Amazing Reasons We Need More Diversity In Books #kidlit

Children’s Books. Still an All-White World? | School Library Journal #kidlit

Our kids’ grey matter is neither pink nor blue – when will book publishers realise this? – The Independent #kidlit

Pioneers in Pigtails: Remembering the First Heroines Who Made Us Mighty| Megan Jean Sovern | #kidlit


Take Your Bookshelf Anywhere: BitLit Gives Readers an eBook Version of a Book They Already Own | BetaKit #ebooks


Disabled Characters in YA Literature | School Library Journal #yalit

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Author John Green on Fandom and His Favorite YA Romances – The Wire #yalit

What’s Old is New: Recent YA Books with Allusions to Classic Lit | SLJ Spotlight | School Library Journal #yalit

YA LGBTQ Novels Where the Focus Isn’t Coming Out – Small Avalanches #LGBTQ #yalit

roald dahl

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

Our Favorite Spring Themed Children's Books~ Buggy and Buddy


Children’s Books: A Shifting Market

Eight Favorite Books Starring Interesting, Exciting, Daring, Adventurous Girls!| Lori Day |

How to keep kids reading through the summer –

Juicy As a Pear: Wanda Gag’s Delectable Books for Children : The New Yorker

Jump into the #WeNeedDiverseBooks Campaign, Help Change the World | BOOK RIOT #diversity #reading #books

Notable novels in verse – The Horn Book

Resources and Kid Lit About American Indians | Focus On | School Library Journal

Top 10 life-affirming reads | Children’s books

Wimpy Kid and Family to Hit the Road in ‘The Long Haul’

33 Reasons Why You’re Addicted To Books!


Harper Lee agrees to ebook version of To Kill a Mockingbird | Books

What You Need to Know Before Letting Your Kids Read E-Books

Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be … Paper | Science | WIRED

vintage librarian photos


How libraries are responding to the second digital divide


Blindingly White: BookCon, John Green, and Knowing When It’s Time to Speak Up | BOOK RIOT

Should white people write about people of color? – Malinda Lo

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

8 Books About Rockets from


10 Steps to Raising a Lifelong Reader | HarperCollins Children’s Books #reading #kidlit

Cliff McNish’s top 10 dogs in children’s books | Children’s books #kidlit

Disney Partners with Bestselling Children’s Authors for New Star Wars Adaptations #kidlit #starwars

Horn Book has some great recommended reading for Earth Day! #kidlit


As Researchers Turn to Google, Libraries Navigate the Messy World of Discovery Tools – Chronicle of Higher Education

The future of the library: How they’ll evolve for the digital age. #libraries

Use videos to advocate for libraries #libraries


Actually, online skimming probably hasn’t affected serious reading after all #ebooks #reading

Children Who Visit Museums Have Higher Achievement in Reading, Math, and Science | UpNext: The IMLS Blog

"Where do you buy these?" – The Horn Book #reading #libraries


Sherman Alexie novel given out in Idaho school district that banned it #yalit

YA Adaptations Are Now Turning to Male Leads #yalit

YA Historical Fiction for Downton Abbey Fans| Lisa Parkin | #yalit

child-315049_1280Children’s book author Jonathan Emmett says that “boys are being deterred from reading because the ‘gatekeepers’ to children’s literature are mostly women.”  The gatekeepers are editors, publishers, librarians, judges and reviewers of children’s books. 

According to an article in The Times of London that is summarized on a more accessible page at Publishing Perspectives, he believes that there isn’t enough boy-friendly elements in children’s books.  I’m honestly not sure what books he’s been looking at because he then goes on to name some pretty big themes in children’s titles:  “battling pirate ships” and “technical details about spaceships.” 

He does have some support from a couple of female authors who incongruously to the very claim of the author write very boy-friendly titles.  And he has done his research.  Out of 400 reviews in five British newspapers, less than 20% of the picture book reviews were written by men and less than a third of the fiction reviews.  That compares to 47% of the picture books being written by men and 41% of the children’s books.

Now wait.  So the claim is that the powerful cadre of women who control publishing, like LIBRARIANS as an example, are using the reviews that they write to weed out the boy friendly titles?  Or is the claim that the female publishers are controlling the writing of the male authors and making sure that they are not filled with swords, battles, dragons, pirates, etc. 

As a children’s librarian, I worked hard to get titles children love into the right hands.  If a boy or girl, because this is even more of that gender-focus that doesn’t help anything in our culture, comes in and asks for pirate books, I merrily get them those books.  Books into hands.  That’s all I want to manage. 

But perhaps the most disgusting part of logical extension of the author’s claim is that we as women are out to emasculate male children by withholding books they would prefer to read.  Producing books that reflect a softened, feminized version of our world, no battling pirates, no technical information, no baddies smoking, few if any baddies at all.  What misogynistic crap!

Gregor the Overlander (Underland Chronicles, #1) The Real Boy Salt: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War

Women are writing some of the most captivating and violent books for children and teens. 

Women are the ones in the low-paying jobs of teacher and librarian who get books into the hands of children. 

Women are the ones who take the time to listen to the small voices of children and pick those marvelous Captain Underpants books off the shelves for them among many others.

Women are worried about the gender gap in reading and are having conversations about how best to collect books in our libraries that boys (and non-reading girls) will enjoy.

Women, professionally and as moms and grandmothers, are powerful, I agree with Mr. Emmett about that.  It is our power that will help solve this issue, not perpetuate it.

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are pretty cool:

11 Children’s Books About Nature


Heather Tomlinson – Blog – Continuing the "diversity" conversation #kidlit

Hogwarts Is Here is like a MOOC for Harry Potter fans, and you can enroll online for free. #kidlit

Katherine Rundell: ‘wouldn’t it be fantastic if people actually did live up here on rooftops and nobody knows?’s

We Need Bigger Megaphones for Diversity in Kid Lit | BOOK RIOT #kidlit


It’s an Ebook World for Young Readers 13 and Under Says PlayCollective Report | SLJ #ebooks




8 Young Adult Books That Should Be Movies (And Who Should Star in Them) #yalit

Are Teen Girls Seeing Themselves Reflected in What They Read? #kidlit

James Patterson wins the 2014 Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award. #kidlit

Read This, Then That: TALKER 25 and Other Fantastic YA Dragon Tales | BOOK RIOT #yalit

Stacked: Revisiting YA Verse Novels: A 2014 Guide to the Format #yalit

Veronica Roth: YA Novels Aren’t Frivolous Teen Fiction | Neon Tommy #yalit


The Guardian has shared a video celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beloved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.  In the video, the two sit down and discuss the origins of the story and the impact of the art work.


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