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b is for box

B Is for Box by David A. Carter

With the happy little box on the cover smiling at you, this book is impossible not to want to open and explore.  It is made all the more enticing by being a David Carter pop-up book.  Happily this alphabet pop-up does not disappoint.  Done in a simple style, the pop-up features are mostly about pulling tabs or turning wheels.  There is a small finale at the end, but don’t expect large elaborate pop-ups in this little book.  Instead they are just right for small hands to explore and not damage.  Built of heavy paper stock, this pop-up would make a good one to start small children on the wonders of books that turn into 3D.

Carter’s text is has a lively lilt to it and carries nicely throughout the alphabet.  There are no huge surprises here in the text, the delight mainly comes from the pop-ups, the tabs and the levers.  Though simple, they have a strong appeal, just as opening the flaps on the pages do too. 

Careful toddlers will enjoy this book that will dance them through the ABCs with ease.  Appropriate for ages 2-4.

Reviewed from copy received from Little Simon.

hide and seek

Hide and Seek by David A. Carter

My confession of the day is my love for pop-up books.  It is exacerbated by my younger son’s equally adoration for them.  That means that I have a small voice in my head pleading to open the pop-ups as soon as we get them, and then my son pipes in too.  So I gave in and in this pop-up discovered a wonderful, colorful world to explore.  Carter has created a landscape of objects to explore, ranging from black and white to wild punches of color that create a skyscraper.  He manages to make a book that invites children to move things and look closely, but will also appeal to the aesthetics of adults.  I just opened the book in my office and immediately had co-workers around my desk interacting with it. 

Just as with most delicate pop-up titles, this book will not withstand being circulated in a library.  But if you have a young pop-up fan at home the way I do, this would make a grand holiday gift or a great pick for a long holiday drive.

Appropriate for ages 4-7 (and adults).


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