My Mother's Sari

My Mother’s Sari by Sandhya Rao, illustrated by Nina Sabnani.

An interesting mix of fabrics and painting, this picture book captures the essence of the beauty, grace and flexibility of a sari through the eyes of a child.  With pieces of real sari material, we see a small girl interact with the sari and show the many ways it can be:  long like a train, used as a hammock, or a safe blanket for a nap.  The joy on the child’s face as she explores the vibrant fabrics is contagious.   The words are simple and evocative, especially the final spread.  They will encourage all children to explore, play and dream. 

This is a great choice to add to units on clothing, because for some children it will serve as a window to another culture and for others they will see themselves and their mothers’ clothing reflected back to them.  Because of the simplicity of the text, it can be shared with preschoolers.  The text is brief enough for toddlers, but they may not understand some of the more ephemeral charm of the book. 

One thought on “My Mother's Sari

  1. Tasha, great review. It was a mood piece, not a narrative, and I think some kids will appreciate that very much. I very much enjoyed the illustrations in this book–very vibrant and textural.


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