Fergus and the Night-Demon

Fergus and the Night-Demon: an Irish Ghost Story
by Jim Murphy, illustrated by John Manders.

Fergus is a lazy boy who will not help his mother at home.  On his way to a night of fun in Skibbereen, he meets the Night Demon, a creature that has glowing red eyes and grows bigger and bigger the more that Fergus tries to avoid him.  But the Night Demon cannot be avoided and Fergus must eventually admit that only hard work will get him out of the predicament. 

Murphy’s writing is nicely nuanced to bring out your Irish brogue if you have one and to allow those readers who don’t want to through themselves all the way into an accent to read it straight.  Combined with Manders’ illustrations that really bring the Night Demon to life, this book is a lot of fun.  It is filled with the exact right amount of shivers and scary moments to share with kindergarteners and early elementary school students.   This one is perfect for either Halloween storytimes or St. Patrick’s Day because of the Irish connection. 

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