The Queen's Feet

The Queen’s Feet by Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Dusan Petricic.

This jaunty picture book features a queen who has uncontrollable feet, especially when she has to dress them up in formal clothes.  Instead of behaving in a royal way, her feet act out kicking other people, doing the splits, and behaving generally badly.  It gets to bad that a council is called and the queen is forced to find a way to control the behavior of her naughty feet.  A compromise is reached where the queen rules most of the time, but her feet rule for one hour out of each day where they can run, kick and be rude.

This is a perfect picture book for wiggly children who can’t control their body parts.  They will laugh at the many things that the queen’s feet do as well.  It is a gentle entry into a discussion of controlling yourself in a class or storytime.  Share this with wiggly preschoolers and kindergarteners who are just learning about sitting still for any length of time. 

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