Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds

The Adventures of Max and Pinky:  Best Buds by Maxwell Eaton III.

Looking for a book that is pure silly fun?  Well, this is it.  Max is best friends with Pinky the pig.  They both love marshmallows but not sharing them.  They love doing things together, but sometimes do things separately.  And on Saturdays they have an adventure together.  When Max can’t find Pinky on Saturday, he searches for him everywhere until a polar bear reminds him where Pinky is sure to be. 

This is a silly, silly book.  There are running gags about marshmallows, great asides from animals in the background, and wonderfully funny scenarios like Pinky being abducted by evil bunny rabbits. 

This is a lap book because of the silliness and the asides, as well as the fact that children will want to hear it again and again.  The text is very brief but the humor makes it most appropriate for kindergarteners and older who will appreciate it most.

2 thoughts on “Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds

  1. I absolutely agree. My two children love Max and Pinky. Younger children will laugh at the slapstick elements and older children will delight in the more “sophisticated” humor. Highly recommended!


  2. Super cute book ! My boys (4&5 years old) thought it was very funny. We sent the author an email letting him know that we liked it, and he actually responded ! We were so surprised ! We will definitely be on the lookout for new books by Maxwell !


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