The End

The End by David LaRochelle and Richard Egielski. 

How did I miss this one?  What a delightful book! 

This fairy tale starts with The End and works its way to the beginning.  First they all lived happily ever after.  “They lived happily ever after because…” and readers turn the page to find out what had happened to get the story to this point.  It is a backwards story with lots of repetition that small children will enjoy, but the twist of the picture book being backwards will also appeal to older elementary age children.  And how does the book end?  You wouldn’t want me to reveal the beginning would you?

The illustrations are charmingly irreverent takes on classic fairy tale and nursery rhyme pictures.  There are many very silly moments that will have kids asking to see what happens previously.  A wide range of ages will be entertained and intrigued by the story.

Share this with a class of older elementary children, use it to spark imaginative writing assignments, or share it with a class of kindergarteners or first graders for an enjoyable read aloud.