Wizarding World

Orlando will be home to a new theme park based on the Harry Potter books!  Universal Studios expects to open the park in 2009.  There is just something magical about being able to experience Hogwarts and Rowling’s world.  I probably should feel more cynical about this.  I know it is sure to be expensive and  filled with cheap but expensive toys that no child can live without. But still, I would love to see Hogwarts…

2 thoughts on “Wizarding World

  1. I wanna go!
    Only I had a question about the artist’s renderings. The final one had snow in it. Not likely in Orlando, I’m thinking, and I certainly hope they don’t fake it, because it will seem, well, fake.
    *heads off to ponder whether this will cause the price of Bertie Bott’s Beans to drop*


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