Shells! Shells! Shells!

Shells! Shells! Shells! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. 

So many children are fascinated by shells that this book is an easy sell to kids.  In her signature paper art style, Wallace has created a book that allows children to see real shells through the eyes of her paper bears.  It is the perfect combination of whimsy and welcome with reality, allowing curious children to take a close look at actual shells.   The text tells the story of Buddy who goes to the seashore with his mother.  They find shell after shell and learn about how they are made, what the different parts of shells are called, and the names of the various types.  The book is more scientific information that story at times, but it still works well. 

A perfect book for hot summer days, share this one while sipping lemonade at the shore or dabbling your toes in a pool.  It is also a welcome science picture book that really looks at the details of shells in a friendly package.  A nice addition to science classes for early elementary students.