Ridin' Dinos with Buck Bronco

Ridin’ Dinos with Buck Bronco by George McClements.

Take the popularity of dinosaurs and combine it with cowboys and you have this book!  After Buck Bronco found some strange eggs in his field, he became a dinosaur authority.  And he rides his dinos.  Readers get a quick lesson in selecting a mount, saddling them, and the various types of riding.  Buck also teaches about how to feed and care for your dinosaur. 

The text of this picture book is written all in western twang, so make sure to hitch up your britches and get your tongue loosened up and dancin’.  It is great fun to read aloud.  The illustrations are paper art that will have children clamoring to look at them.  The details are not tiny, so the book will work well with a group of children.

I’d highly recommend this for any dinosaur storytime or unit.  Some of the humor may be a little much for preschoolers, but 5 and 6 year olds should enjoy it immensely.  Yee haw!