Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon

Alfred Kropp:  The Seal of Solomon
by Rick Yancey.

This is the second book in the Alfred Kropp series.  Alfred Kropp is back in school being mercilessly bullied until he is kidnapped and taken out to the desert where he learns that the Seal of Solomon and its vessel contain demons of incredible power.  He isn’t the strongest person or the most coordinated, but he just may be the key to recontaining the demons who are changing the face of the earth itself.  First, he will have to learn who to trust and why he is the pivotal figure in the situation.

This is a wild ride of a book perfect for teen boys.  Its entire premise is very like Indiana Jones, but if anything it is more frightening, more vivid and faster moving.  Once a reader enters the story, there is no turning back, only turning pages faster and faster.  Yancey has mixed the perfect blend of horror, action and humor to make this a real winner of a novel.  His characterizations are strong, his pacing is phenomenal and his story is sound. 

Highly recommended for teen readers of either sex, this book will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson.