Duck! Rabbit!

Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

Two off-page voices argue back and forth about whether they are looking at a duck or a rabbit.  Children will probably first see only one of the animals, but when a piece of bread appears almost in the duck’s bill they will see the duck.  Then when the carrot is offered to the rabbit, they will see the rabbit.  This is a great visual puzzle that will get children ready to look at more complex optical illusions.  The book is infused with humor that will keep any youngster from feeling badly if they can’t see both animals at first.

The illustrations carry the book here.  Deceptively simple, the illustrations are very clever, offering visual clues but not straying from the original idea.  The book is written in the two voices which are easily read aloud and great fun as well.  I remember that we would sometimes get couples who would want to read a book to a class or to a group.  This would be an ideal book for a pair to read together to a class of early elementary or preschool children.

Great fun, this book is appropriate for ages 3-6.  Make sure you have some other optical illusions books ready to go.

2 thoughts on “Duck! Rabbit!

  1. This has such a cute trailer! And what I didn’t realize is that Duck/Rabbit is apparently a huge debate point in analytic philosophy/philosophy of mind circles, so it will be something college students can use as an illustrated point. Fun.


  2. Goodness, much deeper than I ever thought it was! Thanks for pointing all that out Tanita. I was completely clueless.


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