Boom Bah!

Boom Bah! by Phil Cummings, illustrated by Nina Rycroft

Break out the noise makers, drums, and kazoos and start your own band after you share this one. 

It all starts with a mouse tinging a spoon against a teacup.  Then the cat gets involved by banging a spoon on a can.  Pig grabs two pot lids to bash together as cymbals.  And soon a line of animals are marching and dancing to the beat.  What could that be coming over the hill?  A real  marching band with real drums, a tuba, trombones and more.  Everyone starts to play music together with a happy “Hey ho!”  A jolly book filled with rhythm, music and merriment, this is a winner of a book for toddlers. 

Cummings text is kept to a minimum, just carrying the noises and the beat along with it.  The words are simple and great fun to read aloud because they are so jaunty.  Rycroft’s art is silly and warm toned.  I love that she included diving insects on most of the pages.  If you look closely you can even see beetles in the grass who also get caught up in the music.  Her attention to the small but delightful details is clever and adds to the fun. 

Highly recommended when you want a story time about music and you don’t mind the kids getting loud with their own marching band.  Appropriate for very small children through preschool, this book will work for ages 1-4.

Reviewed from copy received from publisher.