Brown Rabbit in the City

Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell

This book follows the story which began in Moon Rabbit about the friendship between Brown Rabbit and Little Rabbit, though this story focuses on Brown Rabbit’s point of view.  Brown Rabbit was headed to the city for the very first time to visit his friend Little Rabbit.  Little Rabbit is so excited to see him that she takes him on whirlwind tour of the city, dashing in and out of shops, sightseeing, and finally dancing.  But it’s all too much for Brown Rabbit, who finally heads out on his own.  Little Rabbit realizes then that she hadn’t really spoken to Brown Rabbit all day long and sets out to find him and make things right again.

Russell makes a nice exploration of friendship that children will easily relate to.  By mixing in the bustle and rush of the city with the excitement of a visiting friend, the story becomes about taking time in life in general and taking time with those we love.  It never gets too sentimental, but keeps it all simple and heartfelt.  Once again, it is the illustrations that really shine here in their simplicity and style.  Done in an organic palette of browns, greens, robin egg blue, and warm earthy yellow, the book is truly lovely.  Add to that the simple lines and hip styling and you have a modern classic.

Highly recommended, though you should start with Moon Rabbit first, this book builds on the first book and offers an unrushed look at our busy lives.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.

Reviewed from copy received from Viking.

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