Banana!: Zany Sharing Fun


Banana! by Ed Vere

Told in just two words, this book is perfect for very young listeners.  One monkey in a blue striped shirt has a banana.  Another monkey in a red striped shirt enters the book and sees the banana.  He asks for it.  The monkey with the banana refuses.  The red striped monkey gets angry and then throws a temper tantrum, shouting “Banana!” all the while.  Finally, the monkey says “Please” and the banana is shared.  Or is it?

Vere does so much with just facial expressions in this book.  For a person reading it aloud, there is no question what tone of voice should be used from one “banana” to the next.  The simplicity is impressive, the clarity even more so.  The rough-edged illustrations are goofy and very friendly as are the bold bright backgrounds. 

With a cover that is sure to make it fly off the shelves, this is a book that toddlers will love.  Get ready to read the word banana again and again.  Appropriate for ages 2-3.

Reviewed from copy received from Henry Holt.