Peter Pan–A Hot Commodity

I mentioned a few days ago that Peter Pan is being made into a new movie.  But that is only part of the Peter Pan potential out there right now.  Brace yourself. 

There are FOUR Peter Pan related projects in the works. 

There is an untitled project that is being sold as a family adventure.  OK, no warning bells there.

There is “Pan” which is based on the 1904 stage play, which is the project I mentioned earlier.  You may remember it as the one that is written with Peter and Hook as brothers.  Ick.

Then there is “Neverland” which seems to be turning the story on its head with Peter as the villain and Hook as the hero.  Say what?

And finally, my favorite, “The.Never.Land” which has Peter and Wendy together with a Twilight spin.  Yes, Twilight.  Think tween schoolgirl and the boy who never grows up.  Double ick.

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3 thoughts on “Peter Pan–A Hot Commodity

  1. Okay, WHAT!?

    I’m not sure how … um… fictional an immature guy and a tween girl is in a book. I mean, that happens.

    Where, exactly, is the draw in a boy who never grows up trying to date you?? I mean, seriously, Wendy couldn’t deal the first time around.


  2. Triple ick!

    Finding Neverland was awesome…is awesome. I still watch it periodically and get all teary-eyed, but these projects sound terrible.


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