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Arctic Land

Arctic Sea

Arctic Sky

Author Vladyana Krykorka has created three board books that each look at a different aspect of wildlife in the Arctic.  The books are done in accordion style, so they spread out across laps or tables, creating even more of a vista of the Arctic landscape.  Arctic Land features caribou, wolves, musk ox, Arctic hare and polar bears.  Arctic Sea has whales, seals, narwhal, and walrus.  Arctic sky is filled with swan, crane, raven, ptarmigan, loons, and owls. 

There is a short verse that ties the animals together, but the real beauty here are the illustrations.  Done in watercolor, they have a movement that is captivating.  The long line of animals when the book is fully open is beautiful, filled with color and creatures.

While this book’s format may not survive long in public libraries, it will make a charming and education gift for a tiny naturalist.  Appropriate for ages 1-3.

Reviewed from copies received from Annick Press.

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