Review: Where’s the Party? by Katharine Crawford Robey

wheres the party

Where’s the Party? by Katharine Crawford Robey, illustrated by Kate Endle

When Kate wakes up, a robin is sitting on her windowsill and sings about “news!”  Then a cardinal whistles about a party.  Kate definitely wants to go!  So she heads outside and follows one bird to the next as they lead her along a path, to the wild strawberries, along the brook, and to the duck’s nest.  Finally, she arrives at the party, and it’s a very special one!  The birds in the story include a titmouse, meadowlark, yellowthroat, oriole, bluebird, heron, ducks, and killdeer.  

Robey’s text is just enough to keep the story moving.  The calls of the birds are translated into words that help Kate find the party.  Nicely, the birds are not humanized except for their calls being heard as words.  They are described with their markings and some of their habits.  The end pages include some more details on the species in the book.

Endle’s illustrations are done in collage and are filled with texture, pattern, and color.  The cut paper gives clean lines that work well with the natural setting and birds.  There is a simplicity thanks to the medium used that keeps this book very friendly to the youngest readers.

A great pick for young birdwatchers or for units about birds.  The illustrations are clear and crisp and will work well with a group, so this will also make a good choice for summer story times.  Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Reviewed from copy received from Charlesbridge.