Russell Hoban Dies


The Guardian has the news of Russell Hoban’s death.  Hoban is one of those authors whose book is a large part of my childhood.  First there as Bread and Jam for Frances, a book that has such a tangible reaction for me that I can taste and smell home when I pick it up.  We also read The Mouse and His Child again and again.  It was part of our breakfast readalouds that my mother did to keep us from fighting as we waiting for the school bus.  So this is particularly melancholy news for me. 

Death, Hoban predicted in 2002, would "be a good career move". "People will say, ‘yes, Hoban, he seems an interesting writer, let’s look at him again’," he said.

And so I will look at him again and I encourage you to too.  I want to return to The Mouse and His Child and also check out Riddley Walker, a book by Hoban that I missed and that the article says is his best known.

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