Blog Anniversary!


Thank you everyone who has made this such an amazing nine years of blogging.  I’m so happy to be part of the growing children’s literature blogging community.  I love all of the passion, the debates, and even the moments of drama that demonstrate how seriously we all take both blogging and children’s literature.

Over the years, this blog has changed and hopefully grown.  It’s been hosted on three platforms (anyone else remember Greymatter?) and had two names.  Personally, I know that I write now with greater confidence than I used to.  I’ve been part of debates over the years and have continued to blog in my own way, with no negative reviews (who has the time?) and focusing on book news and great reads.

I’m sure that I’ll continue to evolve, since I have no intention of stopping blogging any time soon.

Again, thank you for reading, for giving me of your precious time and attention.  It’s been a great nine years!

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