The Great Gilly Hopkins – The Movie

A gorgeous trailer has been released for the movie version of The Great Gilly Hopkins:

What do you think? I think it looks pretty great!

4 thoughts on “The Great Gilly Hopkins – The Movie

  1. Looks great! I didn’t even know about this book. I just reserved it from the library, so I can read it before the movie. I may need to make it a read aloud, and then I can take my son to the movie too. Have you read the book? Is it appropriate for a 1st grader?


    1. First grade may be a little young for this. I’d say it’s closer to a 3rd-5th grade read. It deals with a lot of serious issues for children in foster care that may worry a smaller child.


  2. I loved it. Just looked at it earlier today online. Wondered why I hadn’t seen the release and realized that it has been produced outside of the US and won’t fit into our DVDs — and it’s packed with great actors. Hope that changes. We may not see it.


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