My Class on Hiring for Diversity!


A brief interruption from children’s books to librarianship instead:

Almost two years ago, I was on a panel at the WiLSWorld conference where I casually mentioned that we had managed to build the beginnings of a diverse staff at the Appleton Public Library where I’m Assistant Director.

The iSchool then invited me to do a one-hour presentation about diverse hiring. I went on to do the presentation at the Wisconsin Library Association last fall as well. This winter, iSchool once again approached me, this time to do a continuing education class about diverse hiring and retention.

I do not see myself as an expert on these subjects, more a practitioner who has learned a few things along the way. And I’ve learned even more as I researched the subject enough to fill an entire course.

The class I will teach this summer looks deeply at personal biases and privilege. It explores the deep whiteness of the library profession and how via hiring practices and approaches libraries can address that problem. My hope is that we can have great conversations about the issues and learn a lot together.

Now back to the children’s and teen lit focus!