Boy Writes Yolen

Boy writes author who captured imagination
“Twelve-year-old Wesley Speer, a sixth-grader at Waldorf School of Louisville, was so moved by “The Pit Dragon Trilogy” books that he wrote author Jane Yolen, asking her to write another book in the series.
He got what he wanted.
Wesley received a letter from Yolen telling him that she was getting started on it.”
The article goes on to say how much Yolen likes getting letters from children. She first wrote the trilogy twenty years ago.

Mia Hamm, Author

HarperCollins Children’s Books Signs Soccer Star Mia Hamm to Picture Book Deal
Another celebrity children’s book, we will have to see how Mia Hamm’s book turns out.
“Mia Hamm is the most celebrated player in women’s soccer, but she is also known for her unfailing positive attitude, fierce competitive spirit and dedication to young people and her sport. However, in her first-ever picture book, Hamm explores a subject rarely associated with her–quitting.
Hamm draws on her own experience growing up as one of six very competitive soccer playing siblings. She would often quit a game rather than lose–that is, until her brother and sister refused to play with her at all. Eventually, she learned to stick with her team. Hamm now wants to spread the word to other young people and continue to get both girls and boys involved in team sports.”

Opposing Viewpoints on Satanism

Occult book ban demanded
A group of parents is asking that books about the occult be pulled from the school libraries in Washington Township, NJ. Their son checked out two books on the devil from the school library and also accessed devil-related websites on school computers.
Usually I don’t see the humor in censorship, but a couple of things in this article struck me as funny. The fact that the boy was trying to tattoo DAMIEN on the back of his neck but only got as far as DA because it hurt too much. And most of all that one of the books being challenged is an Opposing Viewpoints book! Um, wouldn’t that mean that it had both opinions on Satanism in it?

Porn in Children's Books | Porn alert on children’s books
This news story from Australia shows a new movement to place warning labels on children’s books that contain “violent, hard-core porn” that is “disguised as children’s literature.”
I would love to hear an example of what they consider hard-core pornography being marketed as children’s books. I can’t think of even a teen book that would come close to being considered hard-core porn. But then, porn is now a word that is bandied about to mean anything sexual. And yes, there are certainly sexual themes in young adult literature. But not pornography.

Haddon Wins Whitbread

Quirky mystery wins Whitbread
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has won the Whitbread, one of Britain’s top literary awards.
“Haddon said of his hero: “He should be a really bad narrator because he takes everything literally, who doesn’t understand emotion and misses the big picture.
“But he turns out to be a really good narrator because he leaves a lot of space for you to add your own stuff to the story.”
The Whitbread judges agreed, saying: “Haddon sets himself considerable limitations – a teenage narrator who lacks conventional emotions – but makes his observations moving and amusing.”