Dark Waters

Just finished Dark Waters by Catherine MacPhail. It is the story of a boy (Col)from Scotland who is brother to the biggest thug in their town. Col wants to be just like his law-breaking brother, but then ends up rescuing another boy from drowning in the loch. Now that he knows how it feels to be a hero, what choice will he make for his life?
The book was gripping towards the end and the Scottish setting and language make for an interesting setting. I recommend it.
This book is for YAs. It is one that boys will read happily and girls will enjoy. I always enjoy finding a book for boys that doesn’t revolve around sports and yet keeps a strong masculine tone.

Ellen Jackson

Ellen Jackson has a great website all about her work as a children’s book author. I think the best parts of her site are about rejection letters she has received and how to deal with rejection as an author.

Picture Book Site

This site is filled with information for children’s illustrators, authors and publishers. It has information on conferences, awards, galleries, groups, techniques, booksellers, recommended books, lists and more. Lots of stuff to look through for book lovers too.

Jamie and Angus Stories

The Jamie and Angus Stories by Anne Fine (0-7636-1862-4) is a great bedtime chapter book for a tricky age where kids are looking to move away from picture books but may not be ready for the intensity of some of the classics like Charlotte’s Web. It is perfect for even very young children who are ready to make that change. Jamie is a little boy who finds Angus, a stuffed bull, in the first story in the book and they become inseparable. The go through a series of gentle adventures that children will recognize and identify with. The stories have humor and emote security and love, just the perfect combination for right before bedtime.