Mark Buehner, Illustrator

The Salt Lake Tribune — Utah couple receive acclaim with flying colors for children’s books
Mark Buehner has illustrated fourteen children’s books, six of which have been written by his wife Caralyn. He is most famous for his first book, The Adventures of Taxi Dog. His illustrations are filled with hidden elements and lots of character.
This article on him and his wife captures the joy they have found in working on children’s books.

How Do You Say This Author's Name?

It’s a question we get asked all the time, especially for authors like Jon Scieszka. Now there is a webpage to answer that, so that when you are presenting a program, a booktalk, a book discussion, you can actually feel free to mention the author by name! Oh, and Scieszka is SHESS-ka (rhymes with Fresca). Who’d have thunk?

Blackwater Ben

Blackwater Ben by William Durbin (0-385-72928-6)
13-year-old Ben spends the winter of 1898 with his father cooking at a lumberjack camp in the northern Minnesota woods. The book is filled with incredible characters like the man who sharpens saws and hasn’t bathed in over 15 years. It also contains facts that bring the hardship of camp to life, like the amazing temperature of -50 degrees below zero, when the horses couldn’t work because they would die from the cold.
Ben is a wonderful narrator, he sees the logging camp from the vantage point of the kitchen, where all the loggers come every day. The story is funny, factual, and colorful.
I would recommend this book to any boy looking for a great read. It would also be a fun book to choose for a kid looking for a historical novel for an assignment. The colorful characters keep the story moving almost as fast as a a team of sawyers can eat 200 scones.