Email Down

My email is down and will be down until at least Wednesday. Luckily the parts are ordered and on their way, but it will take at least that long to get them installed. Comments posted will not be noticed until then. And of course I will have to wade through all my email once it is fixed. I am subscribed to a bunch of great children’s books mailing lists. I will have to post about them once my email is up again.

Emphasis on Teens

Pasadena Citizen has an article on their public library offering new services for teens. When I was working as a children’s/YA librarian, I created a program like this. I still miss those kids. They were funny, warm, goofy and best of all, they let me into their lives. I only hope that the new teen librarian at Pasadena gets to feel that magic too.
I see teen programs as really vital, though I must admit that I have yet to start one here. The ideas are floating in my brain, but we have yet to really start targeting teens. I don’t think that any of the larger libraries in our library system have teen librarians and some lack even an area for teens. And we wonder why these kids aren’t using libraries??

Dark Waters

Just finished Dark Waters by Catherine MacPhail. It is the story of a boy (Col)from Scotland who is brother to the biggest thug in their town. Col wants to be just like his law-breaking brother, but then ends up rescuing another boy from drowning in the loch. Now that he knows how it feels to be a hero, what choice will he make for his life?
The book was gripping towards the end and the Scottish setting and language make for an interesting setting. I recommend it.
This book is for YAs. It is one that boys will read happily and girls will enjoy. I always enjoy finding a book for boys that doesn’t revolve around sports and yet keeps a strong masculine tone.