Ginger Finds a Home

Ginger Finds a Home by Charlotte Voake (0-7636-1999-X)
This is a wonderful book featuring a little orange cat who doesn’t have a home except for a patch of weeds at the end of a garden. But he is found by a little girl who returns day after day to earn his trust and befriend him.
The book is great for storytimes featuring cat stories as a contrast to more fictionalized cats. Ginger is entirely realistic and completely heartwarming.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee (0-15-204554-6)
Almost as much fun as riding a coaster, this book is filled with swerves, laughter and loops. The pictures are ones that you will want to study at length, since they are rich with tiny details showing characters’ reactions to the ride. Keep an eye on the elderly couple and contrast them with the brawny men.
Best for small groups or laps where you can talk about the illustrations.

Mind Games

Mind Games by Jeanne Marie Grunwell (0-618-17672-1)
This book is a read that sneaks up and hooks you before you realize what is happening. In the format of a seventh grade group science project on ESP, this book gives a glimpse into the personality of the kids involved in the project as well as their experiment. Right at the beginning of the book, you learn that the group won the lottery through their research, but was it science or ESP that gave them the winning number?
Boys and girls will like this book with its engaging characters from a range of backgrounds. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and also kids interested in science. Since it is also a book very based in school-life, kids who enjoy school settings in their books will enjoy this as well.


Yahoo’s version of its site directory specifically for kids. It has great sites that will keep kids happily looking at pictures of animals, playing online games, reading jokes, or finding out about their favorite subject for hours.