The Treekeepers

The Treekeepers by Susan McGee Britton (0-525-46944-3) is a fantasy novel for older elementary children. The story features a feisty girl named Bird in search of her father in a world torn apart by an evil ruler who destroyed the Tree That Talks. On her quest, Bird meets other orphan children, a lovely but sad woman and a gentle, heroic man who are all fighting the evil in the land and trying to restore the Tree . There is violence in the latter part of the book consistent with most fantasy novels where good fights evil.
I will be recommending this title to kids who enjoy quest stories, sword fighting, and strong female characters. It was a great read. Very gripping and intense toward the end.

Helping Children in Need

School Library Journal has an article that will inspire those who work with children to intervene and make a difference in their lives.
Most important for this blog is the following passage: “Werner and Smith discovered that reading is “one of the most potent predictors of successful adaptation among high-risk children” and that effective reading skills by grade four foretold a successful transition to adulthood.” The article continues from there to give practical ideas on how to work with books and teens.

Celeb Authors

The Boston Globe Online has an article about celebrity children’s book authors. While I agree that most of them are pure schlock, I did like Jerry Seinfeld’s Halloween. It was one of the best received Halloween books I read last year to the Kindergarteners. They asked for it for weeks afterwards. It does take practice to read it with the right flair, but it’s a lot of fun!