NPR Interviews

NPR : Weekend Edition for Sunday, October 12, 2003
This NPR show offers two sections of interest to children’s lit fans. First is an interview with Peter Sis who just became a MacArthur Fellow this year. The second is an interview with Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. The interviews can be found lower on the page and are in audio format.

Children's Software

Choosing Children’s Software
We are starting a circulating collection of software in our library, and I am searching for sites that review software. There are lots of sites for games for older ages, but I was having trouble finding ones for kids. Then I found this site. If you click on the reviews tab at the top of the page, you will find you can search their past reviews by software title.
If anyone knows of other sites that review software for kids (with no sign-up fee), please post them to the comments.

Shape Game

The Shape Game by Anthony Browne (0-374-36764-7)
If you enjoyed Zoo by Anthony Browne, this book features the same quirky and very realistically presented family. This time the family visits an art museum, allowing the reader to travel right along with them listening to the comments of the family and enjoying the art along the way.
This book will remind kids that their family with all of its quirks is perfectly normal and that they can go to grand art museums and decode paintings or enjoy sculptures too. This book will get elementary age children inspired just as a visit to the art museum inspired Browne as a child.

Baby Business

Baby Business by Mittie Cuetara (0-525-47026-3)
This humorous look at babies through short four-line poems will get you giggling. Appropriate for parents and older siblings, the charm and different personalities of babies are captured with unerring accuracy. A great lap-share book for children who aren’t babies anymore.

Book Sales

Publisher’s Weekly has this article on book sale figures in August.
“Hardcover children’s books were the one bright spot during a month in which other major trade categories faltered.” “Also showing gains were university press hardcover books (up 12.5%) and paperbacks (up 4.3%), religious books (up 25.7%) and professional books (up 7.5%).”