Shapes That Roll

Shapes That Roll by Karen Nagel, illustrations by Steve Wilson

Follow brightly-colored Triangle, Circle and Square as they take you on a tour through the world of shapes.  Some shapes roll, some don’t.  Some stacks, some don’t.  Some open and close, some are in pieces, and other are heavy.  This book doesn’t tell readers the names of the shapes until the very end, allowing the text of the book to be more playful.  It also is built for conversation about the shapes readers are seeing, from basic shapes to cubes and spheres too.  This silly, colorful book about shapes is playful fun for young children.

Nagel’s rhymes are simple and are more about moving the reader through the world of shapes than naming the shapes themselves.  The first and last pages are filled with information while the bulk of the book is lighter fare.  Wilson’s illustrations really bring the book to life with bright colors, plenty of action, and lots of shapes to discuss and name.  I actually like the format of not naming shape after shape in the text of the book, allowing for a more interactive read with children.

A lap book rather than a group read, the friendly shapes that host this book will take readers on a shape adventure.  Appropriate for ages 2-4.

Reviewed from library copy.