Mirror by Suzy Lee

The author of Wave returns with another wordless book that captures emotion through images alone.  Her use of simple lines, white space and minimal color sets a unique tone in this book.  It is the story of a girl who is sad and alone before she discovers a mirror.  As she interacts with her reflection, she becomes exuberant as do the illustrations.  She begins to dance with her reflection and then something odd happens and her reflection does different things than she does.  This makes her angry so she shoves the reflection, bringing the book to a crashing end.

Lee excels at creating wordless stories that have depth and grace.  Here her thick black lines come together to make a story that is interesting and universal.  Her skill with white space is really at its best here.  She offers an entire two page spread of only blank pages that really create a vital moment in the book.  On other pages, she is unafraid to keep large parts of the page bare and allow readers to really focus on the figures themselves.

The book itself is wonderfully designed with a tall, thin cover than evokes the shape of a mirror.  The endpages feature the colors and inky shapes found inside the book.  Beautifully and caringly done.

A wordless book that offers emotion, surprises and delight, this book will be enjoyed by many different readers.  Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Reviewed from copy received from Seven Footer Press.

Also reviewed by The Well-Read Child and Pink Me.