The Goblin Wood

THE GOBLIN WOOD by Hilari Bell (0-06-051371-3) is a book that will work for many types of readers. Set in a magical land, it is the story of Makenna whose mother was killed for being a witch due to the influence of priests in her village. Makenna flees to the forest where she bands together with a group of goblins who are being killed off too. It is also the story of the brave and honorable Sir Tobin who is sent to capture Makenna. The story is much more than a knight tale. It examines what humanity is, where allegiances should lie, and defines honor. The only complaint I have is with the cover art. The book will need some pushing to get it to move due to the dark cover that does little to sell the magical tale inside.
I would recommend the book to kids who enjoy fantasy, boys who like knight stories, and people asking for books with strong female protangonists. Makenna is one of the strongest heroines around.

One thought on “The Goblin Wood

  1. I love this book! It’s so good! As soon as I finished readering it I wanted to read it again. I love all the magic that’s in it and how it’s all planed out. This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I hope there’s a sequel to it!


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