Friction by E. R. Frank (080721647X) published by Listening Library
Friction is a book about Alex, a girl who attends an alternative school along with her best friend, Tim. When a new girl shows up at school, Alex tries to be her friend, but Stacy starts telling lies about Alex’s relationship with her teacher, Simon. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Alex begins to wonder if Stacy is telling the truth about Simon.
Sexual abuse is an important topic for YA novels to grapple with and Frank does a nice job of capturing the naivety of a young girl and her confusion about sexuality. There is no mystery for the reader here, but instead a captivating character study in Alex.
Teen readers will relate to Alex and understand her confusion. Adult readers will feel echoes of their own childhoods. Frank does an impressive job of handling this subject matter with no sensationalism and with great empathy and warmth for all of the characters.

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