The Battle of Jericho

The Battle of Jericho by Sharon M. Draper (0-689-84232-5)
Jericho is a teen who just wants to have a girlfriend and belong. When he is invited to pledge to the Warriors of Distinction, he is thrilled. But as the pledging week continues, Jericho is drawn deeper and deeper into a dark web of hazing.
This is an important book for teens to read. The voices of the characters are authentic and the pace of the book brings the reader along with the characters, building the tension and horror at what is being done. Where is the line between teasing and hazing? What should a person do? The answers are not easily found here, but the path to the answers is.
Recommended for teen boys. The tension and fast pace will let more reluctant readers enjoy the novel too.

2 thoughts on “The Battle of Jericho

  1. i loved this book it is one of my all time faves i think anyone looking for a book that will keep you interested for hours should check it out because it will keept me entranced for everknow i wish there was more


  2. I am reading this book now and I love it the best that I have read so far great job on the book!I encourage people to read it they will love it !


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