The First Part Last

THE FIRST PART LAST by Angela Johnson (0-689-84922-2)
With all of the awards this book has won, including the Coretta Scott King and the Printz, it is not surprising to hear that I loved it!
This is the story of Bobby, who decides to keep his baby daughter Feather rather than giving her up for adoption. It is written with poetry and strength. Images here will stay with you long after you finish. Bravery is captured here, as is shame and heartbreak and hope. It is simply a lovely book.
The cover is one of the best I have seen and will help the book circulate well. Teens of both sexes will enjoy it immensely. And even better than enjoying it, they will come away with insight that they did not have.
Wonderful! My only regret is that I cannot read it for the first time all over again.