Secrets in the Fire

SECRETS IN THE FIRE by Henning Mankell (1-55037-801-5)
This amazing book based on a true story has a breathtaking heroine named Sofia who lives war-torn Mozambique. Her village is attacked, her father killed, and she flees with her mother, sister and younger brother. After travelling on foot for an amazing distance, they reach a new village where people driven from other destroyed villages have come together. This new village is surrounded by landmines, and people are told to keep to the paths. Sofia is playing a game and steps off the path and onto a mine. The rest of the story tells how she survives against all odds.
The cover of the book grows more and more evocative as you read the book. The deep oranges, purples and browns grow richer and Sofia’s eyes more and more wise.
This gem of a book will have to be brought to kids’ attention. Give it to children who like true stories, adventures, and tragedy. Those girls looking for books that are sad and have lots of emotional tugs will really enjoy this one.

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