Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling

Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling by D M Cornish.
Five star book!  Oh, I don’t do stars…  Applause!  Oh, you can’t hear me…  Praise galore, now that I can do.
This book is the answer to all of the issues with plagiarism in teen novels.  It is so unique, so new, so fresh that it could only be original.  Young Rossamund is foundling who lives in a ramshackle orphanage.  He is approaching the age when he will head out into the monster-infested world and get a job.  He hopes to follow his caregiver into the navy, traveling on the caustic vinegar seas, but instead he is employed by the Lamplighters, a job that sounds dull to his young ears.  On his way to take up his new position, Rossamund gets aboard the wrong boat, run by a horrid captain who deals in the dark arts.  Rossamund manages to escape and finds himself in the company of a fancy lady, Europe,  who hunts monsters for a living using electricity that comes out of her body.  But Rossamund finds himself feeling very sympathetic towards some of the monsters he meets and wondering if Europe is maybe the evil one. 
This is a vividly rendered world filled with complex characters who change, grow and mystify.  It is a entirely new world, created with a loving hand.  This is a real gem of a book.  Recommend this to teens who enjoy fantasy and also those who enjoy horror.  It is a great read, one that could also get reluctant readers to go along for the ride.  This is a must-read and must-own.

3 thoughts on “Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling

  1. AMAZING!!!! i havn’t read it all yet but it’s well and truly Amazing I esspeiclly like the Grinnlings their great this book has vabrent sketches 10/10!!!!!!


  2. Monster Blood Tattoo is the best book ever. If you havent read it yet go to the store and buy a copy.


  3. This is an amazing book! I just recently finished reading it and the detail in everything is fantastic! The great sketches by the author let you see how it was visualised at the beginning and also how they dress in the Half-Continent.


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