Trueman at the National Book Festival

Watch Terry Trueman’s 2006 National Book Festival webcast on the Library of Congress website.  Charming and funny, he reads some of his writing which is a real treat.  Great stuff.

A Readable Feast

A Readable Feast is a blog on the ClubMom MomBlogs site.  It is authored by Anne-Marie Nichols, a mother and freelance writer.  Recently she has had a few Halloween books to recommend along with recipes and crafts to go along with them.  Very nice! 

One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop Per Child
is something you have probably all heard of.  But did you know that the laptops were going to be this CUTE!  Looks like they will have the same appeal as iPods do with their slick and friendly design.  Genius!  Their site has all sorts of information on the project with a wiki, FAQ, press releases, people involved, and much more.  But really, don’t you just want to visit for more photos of the laptop itself?