Cybils YA Nominees

Jen has posted the list of Young Adult Fiction Nominees for the 2006 Cybils Awards.  80 books were nominated!  I don’t envy the Nominating Committee working their way through that many titles in a short amount of time.  But I am thrilled to be on the Judging Committee and happy to read the five nominated titles in January. 

I am trying to read as many of the nominated titles as possible hoping that I will have read at least a couple of the final five titles before I am called upon to judge them.  There has been such a crop of great YA titles this year, that narrowing it to five will be tough and then selecting one will be an amazing feat. 

To see the nominees for the other Cybil Award categories, go to the official website.

Carnegie Long List

The longlist for the 2007 CILIP Carnegie Medal has been announced. The Carnegie Medal is a UK award, given each year to the author of an outstanding book for children. The short list will be published in April 2007 and the award is announced in June.

Christian Science Monitor Books Section

The Christian Science Monitor Books Section has several articles on children’s books. They feature some great new additions to popular series, a review of One Potato, Two Potato, a small list of noteworthy titles from 2006, and features on other books.


Chowder by Peter Brown.

Chowder is a bulldog who leads a rather unique life.  He doesn’t fit in with other dog, doesn’t like to take walks and is happy left at home alone to play with people toys like computers.  But he is lonely and wants to make friends.  The other dogs have told him he belongs in a zoo, so when he sees a billboard for a new petting zoo at a supermarket, he finds a way to get there.  But it is still complicated getting the petting zoo animals to be his friend, especially when he kicks their ball high into a tree.  In the end, he manages to make a whole group of new friends.

Peter Brown’s art is a wonderful mix of quirky modern and vintage.  It is eye-catching and a lot of fun.  Children will immediately be caught up in a book that opens with Chowder sitting on a toilet and the words, “Chowder had always been different.”  The book has the perfect amount of words for the story to be well told and complete, but not for small children to be overwhelmed. 

Add this to your dog storytime or share it with children in a discussion of being different and unique.  Chowder certainly is…in a wonderful way. 
You can also visit his website where you too can be tempted by wallpaper for your computer that shows Chowder sitting at his.

Find Anthony Ant

Find Anthony Ant by Lorna and Graham Philpot.

Warning!  This is not a book recommended for reading to a group, rather it should be shared with just one or two children while cuddled happily.  A clever book for kids who are just a little too young for Where’s Waldo, children follow Anthony Ant through a maze trying to spot his red backpack, red cap and yellow shirt in one of three spots in the maze.  It is going to be a leisurely read with small fingers tracing the mazes and laughter as ants on toilets are found, and debates about where Anthony is. 

The sense of humor adds a lot of fun to this book, and the maze feature makes it much less frustrating than the Waldo series.  Share this with your Kindergartener or first grader for a good cozy time.