Mugglecast is a podcast for Harry Potter fans.  They have done 67 shows and offer them not only in audio form but also have transcripts.  They have a sweet Podtrac interface that allows you to easily listen to the podcast even without an mp3 player loaded.  Sweet! 

Sara's Holds Shelf

Sara’s Holds Shelf is a fairly new children’s lit blog that deserves some attention. She writes reviews of the books she reads. Recently she has been reading mostly teen novels, probably because she is serving on the YA nominating committee for the Cybils. I am on the judging committee and hope that they pick a bunch of fab titles for us to select from. I must admit that I have some on my list that I am having trouble getting through and I hope hope hope that those do not make the final group for us to judge because then I will have to force myself to read them. 🙂