A Drop of Water

A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison.

I always enjoy well-done children’s nonfiction, and this is certainly a nicely done book.  It is a study of the water cycle from puddles to clouds to the mountain and then returning to the puddle.  But the best part is that it not only focuses on the water but also on the different species of birds, animals and plants that live at each stage on the mountain and down to the stream and pond.  It reinforces that life is dependent upon water in its many stages and that the environment is all interconnected.  And it does that without lecture or preaching and with a light enjoyable touch.

The illustrations of the book are beautiful.  They are line drawings with patches of color that show the water, the animals and the plants.  They are highlighted on the page, a blank canvas on which the world of the water is the focus. 

This is recommended as a great read aloud for children who prefer nonfiction.  It is a nice book to read with a small group or one-on-one because of the detail in the illustrations.  Children will delight in finding the birds hidden in the trees and the exact plants mentioned in the text.