First Music

The First Music by Dylan Pritchett, illustrated by Erin Bennett Banks.

This is the perfect book for a crowd of rowdy preschoolers.  It is the story of how the first music started, and the book is filled with all sorts of animals sounds.  Elephant drums on a hollow log with a padada boom.  Crocodile’s scales are played by Crane, and Monkey dances and makes the leaves rustle.  All of the noises come together to form music.  Except for the silent frogs who don’t join in the earth-moving beat.  It is not until the seventh day that the frogs break into song themselves. 

The beat of the language is what creates the music here.  It is fast-paced, jaunty and lots of fun to read aloud.  Paired with the gorgeous deep paintings, this book will be a real crowd pleaser. 

The book can also be easily used for group participation in a more formalized way with different members of the audience making different noises.  Or that could be done afterwards with rhythm instruments.  Oh, the options are endless!