Where Is the Cake?

Where Is the Cake? by T. T. Khing.

This very clever wordless book is fun from the cover pages filled with cake all the way to the end.  In the book, you follow several different story lines from page to page.  Each group of characters has its own story that impact each other in various ways throughout.  On the first page, the rats steal the cake from the dogs, a soccer ball bounces down the road, a weasel leaves its hole with a green bag, a slow turtle starts on his walk, and it goes on and on.  By the end of the book, each story has resolved itself in some way and all of the characters end up interacting together.

This is not a group book.  The highly detailed art will have children crowing with delight when they discover something and pages will have to be rapidly turned backwards to find out how this happened and where that character first appeared.  It is a book to pore over, explore and adore. 

Recommended for everyone from kindergarteners through about 4th grade.  There is a strong sense of adventure and discovery when reading this book.  Enjoy!

Set Your TiVos

JK Rowling is going to appear on the Today Show on Thursday and Friday.  Other portions of her interview with Meredith Viera will be on Dateline NBC on Sunday.  The article online tells us who the character was that JK Rowling decided not to kill:

“Mr. Weasley, he was the person who got a reprieve,” Rowling said.
“When I sketched out the books, Mr. Weasley was due to die in Book 5.”

Boy am I glad she spared him!

Rowling also talks about her plans to write a Harry Potter Encyclopedia which will reveal details of characters that were left out of the books.  So prepare your libraries and book stores for another round of Harry Mania!