Dahl Beats Rowling

The Guardian has an article that says a British study has shown that Roald Dahl is the most popular children’s author among young adults.  Interestingly, Rowling is number 4! 

Here’s the top 10:

1. Roald Dahl
2. CS Lewis
3. JM Barrie
4. JK Rowling
5. Anthony Horowitz
6. Jacqueline Wilson
7. Dr Seuss
8. Philip Pullman
9. Francesca Simon
10. Enid Blyton

I wonder what the results would be in the U.S.?

The English Roses Return

Madonna’s new English Roses Book series launched yesterday.  The new series is aimed at an older age, tweens.  There is an elaborate website filled with the art of Jeffrey Fulvimari where you can scroll through the different English Rose girls and discover just how cardboard and stereotypical they are.