A Visitor for Bear

A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.

Bear never has visitors, in fact he even has a sign on his door that says “NO visitors allowed.”  When a small determined Mouse comes to the door, Bear turns him away.  But Mouse appears all over inside Bear’s house as he prepares for breakfast.  After trying and trying to keep Mouse out of his house, Bear gives up and allows him to stay for tea.  And with that one snack together, Bear discovers that maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t hate having visitors so very much.

This book is simply charming.  The soft-hued illustrations don’t shy away from some great slapstick comedy routines.  They will delight young readers.  The repetition and rhythm in text makes this a perfect read-aloud and children will enjoy chorusing some of the repetition along with the reader.  Under all of this runs a story that is warm and filled with friendliness. 

A great choice for reading aloud to preschoolers and Kindergarten classes. 

One thought on “A Visitor for Bear

  1. A Visitor for Bear is truly a wonderful read aloud. I grabbed it minutes before the start of story time, read through it quickly, and fell in love with mouse. Using unique voices for bear and mouse bring this story to life for little ones.


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