Posy by Linda Newbery and Catherine Rayner

As the proud owner of two adorable kittens, Posy was ideal reading.  Newbery and Rayner perfectly capture the charm, silliness, speed and constant movement of a small kitten.  The illustrations have a raggedy striped kitten where scribbly lines depict fur with great style.  Posy’s head tilts in the just the right way, her eyes focus with an intent to play even though they are just two black dots.  Simple but incredibly captivating, this book will have any cat lover entranced.

The illustrations are accompanied by two word lines of a poem that dances along at the same pace as a busy kitten.  Paired into rhyming couplets, the poem reads well aloud and makes this a book that offers not just a quick look at the life of a kitten but a great introduction to poetry for children. 

Appropriate for ages 2-5, share this one with the cat lover in your life no matter their age.  It is sure to generate the same chuckles as a kitten itself without the mess.

Who's Been Here: A Tale in Tracks

Who’s Been Here? : a tale in tracks by Fran Hodgkins, illustrated by Karel Hayes.

Take a walk through a wintry setting and find out what three children and their dog discover has been there before them.  Each illustration is framed with branches (as you can see on the cover too) and outside that frame readers will see the tracks close up.  Animals range from cats to turkeys to bears!  It is an exciting walk in the woods indeed.

The illustrations are charming in their rustic style framed by the woodsy branches.  The book is a winning combination of information and guessing game.  It will work well for units on animals and their tracks.  Plus it will be equally at home in story times about the winter.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.