Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths by Nic Bishop

Nic Bishop’s latest nonfiction book for children is filled with crystal clear photographs that dazzle and amaze.  This time Bishop has turned his attention to the wonder of caterpillars, butterflies and moths. Accompanying the images is fascinating text that allow readers to better understand moths and butterflies and the way their lives and bodies work.  Bishop has once again managed to take pictures that verge on the impossible.  The furry body of a luna moth with his bright yellow antennae is looming and large.  The actual-size image of a blue morpho butterfly hovering in the air is breathtaking.  The four-page spread of a butterfly taking off from a flower is simply amazing.

Budding scientists and just those who love these lovely insects will find much to see and learn here.  This book belongs in every school and public library.  Period.  Appropriate for ages 5-9.

National Poetry Month – Blog Style

Two must-read blogs are doing great things to celebrate April as National Poetry Month. 

GottaBook will be posting a previously unpublished poem each day of the month of April.  The poets participating are a who’s who list of children’s poets.  Amazing!  You can also follow the action on Twitter.

The Miss Rumphius Effect will be interviewing poets each day in April.  Her list too is amazing! 

What a lovely way to spend the month of April, basking in new poems and great poets every day.

Google Eric Carle

Isn’t it cool?!  A Google logo done by Eric Carle.  Just had to share because it certainly brightened up my dreary spring day.