That’s Papa’s Way

That’s Papa’s Way by Kate Banks, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

A little girl and her father head out fishing together.  They dig worms together, Papa dangling them from his fingers and her touching them only with her shovel.  That’s her way.  Together the two of them launch the boat onto the lake and put their lines in the water.  They wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Each reacting to the waiting in their own way.  The relationship of the two characters allows them each to be individual, each loving the time together and showing it in their own way.  The refrain of “That’s his way” and “That’s my way” are used just often enough for them to impart a rhythm to the book, never becoming overbearing or jarring.

Banks writing is just as gentle and patient as sitting in a boat with waves lapping.  She doesn’t hurry the story and feels no need to create excitement or danger in this gentle tale.  It is lovely in its sense of family, honor of individuality, and overall peacefulness.  Castillo’s illustrations reflect that same gentle style with their rich colors and thick lines.  She captures the feel of a day on the lake in her images.

Highly recommended, this gentle book will be enjoyed by youngster who enjoy fishing and is perfect for a Father’s Day story time or any time that a gentle read is needed.  Let’s hope that this peace and grace floods into the parents who come to our libraries too.

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